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John W. Zapala JD/MBA/MS-NDR

John Zapala earned his J.D. Degree, as well as his Master of Business Administration and Master of Science of Alternative Dispute Resolution, from Creighton University and the Werner Institute in 2009.

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Fight Your Property Taxes Today!

With property taxes rising with no end in sight, taxpayers need to take a stand. By filling out the form below, we will review your property to determine whether you are paying more than your fair share!

Property Tax Appeals

With property taxes rising year after year, taxpayers need to be aggressive in making sure their tax assessments reflect the true value of their real estate.

Incentives & Exemptions

Let Chicago Property Tax Challenge help navigate the complex options and opportunities for real estate tax incentives and exemptions.


Real Estate Tax Refunds

One size does not fit all. There are several approaches to determine what is a fair assessment of your property and steps to correct the valuation.

Valuation Complaints

Our Office helps taxpayers significantly save hundreds to thousands of dollars on their property tax bills.

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John W. Zapala


The Law Office of John Zapala, P.C., provides a variety of legal services, with a focus on Ad Valorem Real Estate Taxation. In addition to property tax challenges and appeals, the firm has been involved in numerous varieties of property tax challenges which have shaped how our client’s live and do business in Illinois.

The Law Office of John Zapala, P.C., has an impressive record of assisting clients in obtaining fair and equitable assessments. The firm represents clients throughout the Chicago area, including Cook County and the collar counties. Our Office provides experience in representing clients before county assessors, county and state boards of tax review and, when appropriate, in trial courts.

We thrive on providing each client with expertise in the field of real estate taxation and an exceptional level of individualized attention. Generally, our firm represents most property types, from single family residential homes to larger industrial and commercial properties including office complexes, shopping centers, hotels, warehouses, manufacturing plants, parking garages and banks.

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